Special Tools
We are Special for Specials! Mr. Ilyas Shaikh, M.D. of Accusharp Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd; started this company in a shade of 10x10 ft. working himself on a second hand Tool & Cutter grinder, 18 years back. With this long success experience, in manufacturing of cutting tools, Accusharp today has grown having a modern multy facility CNC machine-shop set up, on 15,000 Sq. ft. floor space, and 130 high-tech professionals working in. The company is certified with ISO:9001- 2008. Accusharp presently is considered to be a leading company in India, engaged in design, manufacture & supply a wide range of standard and special cutting tools in Tungsten Carbide. Those are - Drills, End-mills, Reamers, Step Drills, Gundrills, Form Tools, Cutters, etc. Accusharp stands today as a productivity partner for a large number of customers in local companies, as well as, for MNCs in various Industry Sectors – Like: Engineering, Automobile, Aerospace, Textile, Machine-Tools, Energy Sector, Agro Tools, Defence, Mining Tools, etc. Manufacturing of ‘Special Form Combination Tools’ is one of the specialities and competencies that Accusharp technical team has proved for the metal cutting industry. In addition to that, Accusharp is well equipped with a large number of modern multy facility CNC machines and modern inspection equipment of Zoller make. Some of the Special Form Tools are tailor-made as ‘Combination Tools’; which carry out multiple operations in one set up & in one pass. Using these types of tools is the most economical solution for machining of mass production of components. Pune Carbide Pvt. Ltd; - an authorised Coating Center of ‘CemeCon’ AG, Germany, is our sister unit, where we have PVD coating systems. The special PVD coating adds increased cutting efficiency and extended tool life to our high precision ground tools. We offer following coating solutions, according to customer’s application requirements: 1. TINALOX® SN²: Premium and 1st preferred choice of coating, most suitable for Drills, End Mills, Taps, Reamers, Inserts and Hobs. 2. HYPERLOX® : Extremely smooth, Specialty coating designed for high performance of End Mills and Gear Cutting Tools (Hobs) 3. ALOX® SN²: Very thick, ultra-modern super nitride coating recommended for Drills and Inserts. 4. HSN² : Unique advance, Nanocomposit, 3 layers coating most suitable for all machining applications on 50 HRC Hard work material. Accusharp not only manufacture tools according to customer design, but also design special tools according to customer’s component machining requirements and provide a ‘Total-Solution’ to them for their machining applications. A wide range of our Special Form & Combination Tools: Step Drills, Form Drills, Center Drills, Form Cutters, Woodruff Cutters, Profile Endmills, Square End Mills, Corner Radius End Mills, Ball Nose End Mills, Double End Square Mills, Double End Ball Nose Mills, End Mills for Aluminium, End Mills for Stainless Steels, Variable Flute End Mills, Micro End Mills, Mould Machining End Mills, Straight Fluted End Mills, Tapered End Mills, Inserts, etc. There are multiple advantages of Combination Form Tools, specially designed as a complete solution for component machining, according to customer requirement. Some of the qualitative, time economy and cost effective prime advantages are: To have – • Precision of axial concentricity of multiple dimensions, • Reduction in ‘Set up Time’, • Reduction in Machining Operational ‘Cycle Time’, • Reduced Machining Operational ‘Cost’, • ‘Reduced Inventory’ of tools at the customer’s Tool crib, • etc. and many more other intangible benefits too. Combination Special Form Tools is one of the Specialities of Accusharp!